We guarantee delivery lead times of seven working days all around Europe


We ensure 12-month door-to-door warranty


We sell and recondition gearboxes for both passenger cars and trucks

More about the Gear-Service company

Gear-Service is a company that has been operating for over 10 years. This has been more than enough time to thoroughly investigate the market and learning about its conditions and specificity. This time has also been sufficiently long for us to become acquainted with the people – business partners and customers.

Throughout all this time, we have succeeded in gaining recognition among competitors for whom we have become a leader in sales and the reconditioning of manual gearboxes.


Why are we worthy of your trust?

Our team is composed of people who do not treat the automotive industry as a mere source of income, but as a life passion. We spend our free time participating in off-road rallies where we can meet new friends, and infected with other people’s enthusiasm, we use it at work.

All these features find a direct reflection in the outcomes we achieve. We always succeed in performing our assignments on time.


We provide services to many different recipients, such as:


As the gearbox is one of the most important car sub-units, so is customer satisfaction considered by our company as the most important indicator of our job being done well.